Dental Implant Treatment in Antequera

Recover lost teeth with the help of the national and international expert in implantology, Dr. Juan Jesús Pérez García.

Our director will assess your case and prepare a strategy for your dental implant treatment. We receive patients from the whole of Spain, referred to us by other dentists (due to the complexity of the case) to comprehensively tackle their problem and provide them with an effective solution.

Dental implants are artificial dental roots. They are commonly made from titanium that is biocompatible with your tissues and they substitute your teeth regardless of the reason for their loss: injury, severe decay that has affected the nerve, pyorrhoea, etc.

Your new tooth (crown or dental prosthesis) is placed on these artificial dental roots.

Dental implants: the solution to the loss of bone structure and natural teeth.

The loss of a tooth not only affects your dental aesthetics, chewing and self-esteem, it can also result in the degeneration and loss of jawbone.

To maintain the bone structure of your mouth in a healthy condition, when you lose a tooth, it is important to place a screw to secure and strengthen your dental arcade.

At Bucoodontos, we only use top quality materials to offer you a dental implant treatment in Antequera that meets all your expectations and needs.

Recover lost teeth in less than 24 hours.

Immediate loading dental implants allow us to place the implant and the crown (provisional prosthesis) on the same day. Thanks to the experience and expertise of our medical team, you will be able to recover your tooth in less than 24 hours if you meet the dental health criteria required for this treatment.

To find out if you qualify for an immediate loading implant treatment, we can assess your case.

We are experts in Dental Implants in Antequera

At Bucoodontos Dental Clinic, we have first-rate specialists who will handle your case with the most advanced technology and materials of the very best quality. Our experts will help you to recover your chewing, functionality and aesthetics, improving your quality of life and increasing your self-esteem.

Dr. Juan Jesús Pérez García: International expert in Implantology.

When you complete your dental implant treatment in Antequera, you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t do it sooner. It will change your life, you will recover a sense of security that you thought you had lost forever and you will smile with confidence once again.